Stressed and burned out

Too busy to rest, too fast to keep up, too tight to expand

When you are tied up in your life, jungling family, constantly grinding at work, where you have not time to think, let alone breathe, stress builds up both mentally and physically to such level that it can lead to a burn out. Once you get there, it is all the more difficult to come out of the tunnel.

Lower your stress and avoid burn out with qigong flows

Reducing stress regularly is the key to avoid a total melt down, which is not beneficial to anybody: not to your family, not to your colleagues and, especially not to yourself.

Qigong flows allow you to attune to your body and feel where you hold tension. With flowing movements and breathing exercises you can release pressure and contritions and send a signal to your body that it can relax.

Even with just 5′-10′ each day or each other day, your body will react positively to the neutral space you guide it to.

Eventually the space will fill up with energy, recharging both your mind and your body, bringing you health and energy to work on your life and your goals.

Online classes are discontinued at the moment, but you can join a presence workshop each month in Berlin.

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