Qigong flows

Qigong Flows to improve the quality of your life

Like taijiquan, there are different styles and forms of qigong and by all means you should try out which one you like best or works better for you. We are all different and our state of health, age, lifestyle have a say in the kind of practice we choose.

I chose to get certified in Qigong Flows because I found it very effective, pleasant to practice and it offered the added plus of being online, in a time where the lockdown left no space for courses in presence.

Qigong is more than a simple exercise and I am keen on transmitting a form of qigong which works at a deeper level to bring immense gain in terms of physical and psychological level, thus allowing students to expand their views and their life.

I firmly believe this as I experimented on myself the positive effects of constant, focused practice (read more here).

Qigong Flows are for everybody but the focus of my flows is particularly suitable for those of you who work in understaffed offices – thus under lots of unhealthy stress – as well as singers/actors and writers, for which qigong enhances qualities needed in their activities.