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Qigong to support your writing practice with focus and inspiration

As if daily job, qigong and singing were not enough, I am also a writer!

You might wonder now, how qigong can benefit writing? Well, writing is a mental activity that requires energy, and first of all qigong can help you keeping a fresh and clear mind. Increased focus and energy can move you forward in your writing.


What is also beneficial are the soft movements which release any tensions you hold in your neck and shoulders due to long hours in front of a computer.

At a deeper level qigong, through regular exercises and better understanding, you can get in touch with your spirits, which express a different aspect of our human nature.

They reside in the organs and resonate with specific virtues, like inspiration and creativity.

Through qigong you can nourish your spirits and thus cultivate their virtues, bringing your own nature to a higher level. This means that whatever your wishes are for your writing, you can find what you need to bring your work out into the world.

Online classes are discontinued at the moment, but you can join a presence workshop each month in Berlin.

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