For singers and actors

Performing on a stage

Actors and singers must face many challenges on stage as they both need technical skills to perform. But they also need two other basic components which will make a difference in the quality of their performance: the posture and the breathing.


I am an amateur classical singer myself. I sang in countless choir concerts and I had the honour of singing as a chorist on the stage of the Deutsche Staatsoper in the Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.

Thanks to years of taijiquan and salsa dancing I never felt awkward in my movements. But when I started practising qigong breathing exercises on a regular basis, I felt a marked improvement in my breathing during singing, which became both more relaxed, even and longer.

Qigong to refine your performance

Qigong means after all a set of breathing exercises: the character qi is related to air, gas, weather. The character gong is related to work, performance, skill.

The coordination between movements and breathing, as well as the increased body awareness which you build with qigong exercises can bring your artistic performance to a higher level.

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