Spleen flow to improve digestion – 3


From 10:00 until 10:45

At Central European Time (Berlin)

Meeting password: qibloom

The Spleen is the Yin organ associated with the Earth element and the yellow colour. The Yang organ of the Earth element is the stomach. Therefore the Earth element is important for the digestion.

According to TCM the Spleen transforms the air, the food and fluids we take in and extract Qi, dividing what is pure from what is impure. The Spleen sends the purest part to the Lungs, which mix it with air to create the Qi that feeeds the entire body, and to the Heart, to produce Blood, while the Stomach sends the impure part to the intestine. There the cleanest part of it (the pure of the impure) is used to produce Kidney energy  and fluids such as the  cerebrospinal fluid, the rest is then expelled. Thus the Spleen and Stomach provide energy for the whole body. When digestion does not work, the pure and impure are not properly divided and the body does not receive the pure energy it needs.

Not only the Spleen and the Stomach are affected by what we eat and what we drink, just like any other organs, but when they do not work properly  the quality of our Qi and Blood decreases and this affects our all body. When the Spleen is deficient, for example, the functions of the Lungs and Kidneys are also impaired. We can feel tired, we lack appetite, we have weak limbs, weak voice, lower backache, just to name a few symptoms.

 This explains why being aware of what we eat and drink, which are the fuel of our body, is important. The lower the quality of our fuel, the lower the quality of our Qi is. Not by chance nutrition is one of the branches of TCM.

Qigong can though still be very helpful to clear stagnant Qi from the Spleen and Stomach and this does support the digestive system. Once old Qi is out, there is more room for fresh Qi and less obstruction to reach all other organs. Qigong is very effective also if your digestive problems are stress related and it definitively helps building awareness of your body.

Join me to practice together a qigong flow which focuses on the Spleen and Stomach to improve your digestion by purging the body of stagnant Qi and increase awareness of your internal organs.

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