Workshop Qigong to release stress


Qigong flows to release stress and increase patience

From 11:30 until 13:30

At Marienfelder Allee 20, 12277 Berlin


We are right in the spring. According to traditional Chinese Medicine the spring is associated with the Liver and with the green colour. Working with the Liver is one of the most important things because this vital organ is easily affected by frustration and stress. These are two emotions, which bring us out of balance and deprive us of any patience. We often overreact or we cannot focus as we would like to, and this can affect our relations as well as our professional life.   

 This practise focuses on the Liver and also presents a sitting meditation. The meditation will be in German.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, including absolute beginners.

General outline (indicative)

  • Breathing and basic position
  • Opening the Kua
  • Dantian activation
  • Short flow: Release stress
  • Flow for Liver balance
  • Reboot system meditation

After the workshop you will receive the video of the short flow to keep practising at home!

Dates qigong workshops

Standard price: 39 €

Card 4 classes: 140 €

Card 6 classes: 200 €

Wear comfortable clothing and warm socks, non-slip socks are recommended.