Workshop Qigong for Mental Health


Qigong flow for Mental Health

From 11:30 until 13:45

At studio - Kissinger Straße 9, 12157 Berlin



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Mental health is vital for our well-being and yet it is very often not taken into account. Maybe it is because the word "mental" is often associated to serious mental conditions which require proper treatment by a doctor. But taking care of your mental health does not imply there is any medical issue with your brain. It simply means that you are experiencing undecision, confusion, spinning thoughts and similar troubles, which do not allow you for example to sleep at night, or create anxiety, digestive problems, skin issues, just to name a few.

Qigong can help you decreasing these troubles, bringing some peace of mind by improving your sleep, for example, or work on your breathing to allow more space for breathing when you have an anxiety attack.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, including absolute beginners.

General outline (indicative)

  • Breathing and basic position
  • Opening the Kua
  • Dantian activation
  • Short flow: release anxiety
  • Flow for emotional balance
  • Inner smile meditation

After the workshop you will receive the video of the short flow to keep practising at home!

Wear comfortable clothing and warm socks.

This workshop includes a sitting meditation. A sitting pillow is available.