Workshop Qigong for insomnia


Qigong flows to calm the Shen and improve your sleep

From 16:00 until 18:00

At Marienfelder Allee 20, 12277 Berlin


According to TCM the Heart controls the Blood and a strong Heart means ample supply of Blood and good circulation. This means be full of vigour and have a good constitution.

Mental activity and consciousness reside in the Heart, thus the state of the Heart and Blood will affect the mental activities as well as the emotional state. When the Heart is weak or deficient, you may feel mentally restless and experience insomnia as well as dull thinking. A good functioning Heart will allow you to sleep better and feel emotionally balanced. 

This practice is designed to clear heat from the Heart, calm the mind and circulates the Heart-Fire to improve your sleep, mental clarity as well as to find emotional balance.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

General outline (indicative)

  • Breathing and basic position
  • Opening the Kua
  • Dantian activation
  • Short flow: energy boost
  • Flow for emotional balance
  • Inner smile meditation

After the workshop you will receive the video of the short flow to keep practising at home!

Dates qigong workshopsStandard price: 39 €

Card 4 classes: 140 €

Card 6 classes: 200 €

Wear comfortable clothing and warm socks, non-slip socks are recommended.