Workshop Qigong for digestion


Qigong flows for better digestion

From 14:00 until 16:00

At Marienfelder Allee 20, 12277 Berlin


According to TCM the two organs which are responsible for the digestion are the Spleen and the Stomach. The Stomach is responsible to process the food and liquid we ingest, separating the useful parts from what it will later be expelled, while the Spleen extract the pure Qi and send it forward to other organs.

This practise is designed to release trapped gas and stagnant Qi from the digestive organs, bring new Qi to the Spleen and Stomach and increase breathing capacity, as the air we breathe is as important as the food and liquid we ingest.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

General outline (indicative)

  • Breathing and basic position
  • Opening the Kua
  • Dantian activation
  • Short flow: release your digestive organs
  • Flow to strengthen digestion
  • Flow to increase breathing capacity

After the workshop you will receive the video of the short flow to keep practising at home!

Dates qigong workshopsStandard price: 39 €

Card 4 classes: 140 €

Card 6 classes: 200 €

Wear comfortable clothing and warm socks, non-slip socks are recommended.