Workshop Qigong for Confidence


Qigong flow for Confidence

From 11:30 until 13:30

At studio - Kissinger Straße 9, 12157 Berlin



Special offer valid untill end of March:

50% on your first workshop


March is the beginning of spring, where nature wakes up and expands, trusting that the coming months will bring warmth and sunshine to allow its buds to turn into beautiful leaves and flowers. This is a great time to cultivate trust and confidence, to open up to new projects and look to the future with a positive attitude.  

This practise is designed to open up your heart, strengthen your courage and find your stability. We will work in particular with the Metal element, the Earth element and the Water element.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, including absolute beginners.

General outline (indicative)

  • Breathing and basic position
  • Opening the Kua
  • Dantian activation
  • Short flow: cultivate trust
  • Flow for healthy confidence
  • Flow for new perspective

After the workshop you will receive the video of the short flow to keep practising at home!


Wear comfortable clothing and warm socks, non-slip socks are recommended.

This workshop does not require a mat or a sitting pillow.