Lungs flow to boost the immune system – 1


From 12:00 until 12:45

At Central European Time (Berlin)

Meeting password: qibloom

The Lungs are the Yin organ associated with the Metal element and the white colour. The Yang organ of the Metal element is the Large Intestine.

The Lungs are the most delicate organ because the Lungs are directly in contact with the external environment through the breathing. They are for this reason more easily attacked by external pathogens.

The Lungs extract clean Qi from the body, which is then combined with the Qi processed by the Spleen. This new Qi is then spread all over the body to nourish the tissues and support the physiologial processes of all other organs.

The Lungs control the circulation of Qi and Blood. Strong Lung-Qi means then good circulation and better health for all the organs, which receive the Qi sent by the Lungs.

The Lungs are also responsible to send the Defensive Qi in the space between skin and muscles. The Defensive Qi is like an shield, which protects us from the external pathogens. When Lungs-Qi is strong, our protective shield is strong. The Defensive Qi is our energy immune system.

The Lungs are connected to the nose and control the nasal mucus. A strong Lung-Qi means the nose is open and the sense of smell is more likely to be normal. A proper breathing is beneficial not only to the physical body but also for our mental well-being as proper breathing calms the mind.

Lungs also plays a role in the excreation of Body Fluids through sweat and urine, especially in elderly people.

The Lungs are affected by sorrow and grief, this is why they are an important organ to work with in case of a loss.

Join me to practice together a qigong flow which focus on the Lungs to strengthen our immune system and get rid of the winter blues!

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