March 2023 I have started a university course to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even though through qigong I have learned a lot, I wished to go a step further and really master the ancient wisdom on which qigong is based. The content of the course is very dense of information and it takes time and energy. At the same time it is rewarding to have a deeper understanding on how our body works. Besides classes in TCM theory, there are anatomy courses to prepare the students to properly perform acupunture. All 5 pillars of TCM will be covered: acupunture, herbs, nutrition, tuina and qigong.

I would like to share here some snippets of what I am learning, maybe it will inspire someone to learn more about one or the other thing about TCM.

Disclaimer: I am still in training and the information I share in this blog are not meant as medical advice nor there is any claim to completness or accuracy. Take these posts as a tiny window on the very extensive landscape of TCM.