Qigong flows

Here we go with a new season of presence workshops in Berlin, finally! Click on the workshop for more information on each workshops and time.

Workshop Qigong for digestion – 3 September 2023

Workshop Qigong for the immune system – 15 October 2023

Workshop Qigong for concentration – 12 November 2023

Workshop Qigong for self-care – 21 January 2024

Workshop Qigong for vitality – 17 March 2024

Workshop Qigong for Blood circulation – 14 April 2024

Workshop Qigong to release stress – 12 May 2024

Workshop Qigong for insomnia – 16 June 2024

Each workshops lasts 2 hours and it includes a short and easy flow. After the workshop participants will receive a video of the short flow to keep practising at home. Please come a few minutes earlier than the indicated time.

The first part of the workshops focuses on the basics to help you get familiar with qigong or strengthen your foundations. The second part will focus on a different theme each month. But no matter which one you choose, they will all make your Qi move and improve your general health, both physical and mental.

For this season I have found a new studio close to the S-Bahn Marienfelde. We will have more space, a changing room and the S2 has a fast connection with different tram and metro lines!

You can now choose to buy single classes, or a card for either 4 or 6 classes.

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