About me

My name is Laura and I am the founder and teacher of Qibloom, which is simply a name to make it easier for you to find me.

My affinity with qigong started in China in 1996. There, I learned taijiquan, a form of martial qigong;

taijiquan, like all qigong forms, works with energy, its focus is self-defence. Many of the movements you find in taijiquan forms can be found in the qigong flows I teach.

When I was 34, I discovered yoga and started practising first yang and later yin yoga. Yin yoga incorporates principles of Chinese medicine, and as I was exploring more and more the concept of Chinese medicine, I found my way to Qigong Flows, which focuses on nourishing the energy in our body.

I have been practising Qigong Flows daily since June 2018 and I am in the process of getting my official certification, which has been delayed due to Covid.

Qigong has a strong connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In fact, qigong is one of the five branches of TCM, together with acupuncture, herbs, tuina (massage) and Chinese dietary medicine.

Thus, Qigong, in one form or the other, has accompanied me for now over 20 years.

I am also a writer of micro and short stories, the author of a historical novel, which takes place in Hong Kong and China (not by chance!), an amateur classical singer, as well as an internal auditor in my daily job.

My day is filled with things, ideas, numbers, deadlines but no matter the circumstances of my life, I have a precious tool to manage my energy and bring confidence into my life.

After being a student for so many years, it is time to share my knowledge and help others to find health, balance, strength in their life.

I welcome you to join my online classes in English, where you can learn the basics of qigong, complex flows to build up your energy, as well as shorter forms.

Qigong is suitable for all ages as movements are soft and do not stress the body.